Encouraging Widows

This is the place for you.

Here you'll find support, courage and emotional safety. Losing your spouse may be the hardest thing you've ever experienced.

We get it. We're widows too.  

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We Got You.


Help with finances, schooling, sanity, health, single parenting, dating, what to do (and what NOT to do) next.


Widows share their stories of courage and hope -  with tips to get through the rough patches.

Emotional Safety

This is a judgment free zone. Grieving can make you feel crazy. This is a place you can share your "crazy" and feel supported and loved. 

This sisterhood of widows gives us new courage, skills and resources. We hope for brighter days ahead and have grace for the difficult loss that brought us together.

Ways to Connect

Join our group!

Share your story.

Find skills and resources.

"You and I did not choose to become widows but every day we can choose to be alive.""

Tiffany Berg Coughran
Founder - Encouraging Widows

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